Humanity Technology Creative


To enhance students’ ability in industrial design, the course focuses on developing a balanced curriculum that emphasis on both students’ training in design competences and practical skills. In order to efficiently promote students' eight core competencies, the main course is comprised of three key elements in industrial design domain: 
1. The Core Course
The interdisciplinary core course introduces theoretical and methodological issues in industrial design. Meanwhile, creativity, humanities, aesthetics, and digital literacy are prepared for further advanced courses. 
2. The Mechanical Design Course
The first advanced course concentrates on expertise of precision machinery design and manufacturing, computer numerical control machine tool especially. Computer-aided drafting, computer-aided analysis, and computer-aided manufacturing practice are major subjects.
3. The Product Design Course
The second advanced course focuses on creative vehicle and product design. On the strength of future development of local industries, the department aims at achieving cultivation unique designers with creative and market-oriented talents. In this course, creativity, ergonomics, Photoshop, Illustrator, fashion and aesthetical discipline are intensive subjects.